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1 Week Learn to Sail Adventure

Pacific Northwest Sailing Immersion Program

Got dreams of sailing off into the sunset or chartering sailboats in exotic places?

If you live within 4-ish hours of Seattle, Washington or Portland, Oregon and you want to learn to sail and truly become a competent sailboat skipper, then the Cruise and Learn Sailing Immersion Program is just for you!

Question... Do you just want a certification sticker in a book? Or do you actually want to be a competent skipper?

How The Sailing Immersion Program Works...

The Sailing Immersion Program Includes:

  • NauticEd Bareboat Charter Master and Catamaran Confidence Online Course Bundles .
  • NauticEd Internationally recognized sailing certifications and licenses (upon qualification).
  • Certification Assessments, electronic logbook and sailing resume to document your experience.
  • A 1-week, all-inclusive, Small Group, Liveaboard, Cruise-n-Learn Sailing Adventure in The Sea of Cortez, Mexico, The San Juan Islands, Washington or The Gulf Islands, British Columbia.  
  • Regular (weekly) day-sailing or racing opportunities in Puget Sound or Columbia River (April – October).
  • Access to Virtual Reality sailing, racing and sail training.
  • Weekly Zoom “Sundowner” (happy hour) Q&A session with live interaction with Capt. John, Amber, instructors and guest experts.
  • Private Facebook group to network with fellow Cruise-n-Learn sailors and the local sailing community.
  • Networking with local sailing clubs, boat owners and boating organizations to make valuable and sometimes life-long sailing connections.
  • All included for one low price and then split up into, easy, zero-interest, payments…


The Sailing Immersion Program is a 12-month, subscription based, immersion course:

  • Mono-hull program: $299 per month for single sailors / $499 per month for couples/pairs of sailors
  • Catamaran: $399 per month singles / $599 per month couples/pairs of sailors
  • Ask about family and group discounts too!
  • You could spend a small fortune to put all these pieces together individually. The Sailing Immersion program delivers all of it at a 50% – 70% savings! 


Ready to Immerse yourself in Sailing?

If you live within 4-ish hours of Seattle, WA or Portland, OR here’s how the process works:

  1. Reach out by completing the Inquiry Form or Schedule a video consultation with us.
  2. We will discuss the specific details of the sailing immersion program and the date and location for your 1-week cruise and learn sailing trip.
  3. Sign up and set up your monthly immersion program subscription payments.
  4. Complete our onboarding process and begin your NauticEd course work immediately.
  5. Reserve time on any of our regular (weekly) day-sailing or racing opportunities in the Puget Sound or Columbia River (Available April – October).
  6. As you work thru the online course work, you will have unlimited access to Capt. John (via phone or video conference) for questions, explanations, etc.
  7. You are encouraged to take advantage of virtual reality sailing and sail training opportunities, as well as our weekly Sundowner/happy hour sessions.
  8. Finally, set Sail on your 1-Week Cruise and Learn Adventure, have a blast and earn your sailing certifications!

The Sailing Immersion Program Concept...

The sailing immersion program was born out of a recognition of the weaknesses that many lean to sail programs are plagued with.

There are simply too many new sailors coming out of “learn to sail” programs, with well-known “sailing certifications,” that are not even close to competent sailors or skippers.  

The Cruise and Learn Sailing Immersion Program is built on a concept of a 12-month, immersive sailing education.

We believe this learn to sail model will develop a deeper understanding of the knowledge and theory involved, develop a much higher level of competence for new sailors, and ultimately we hope to make sailing and cruising more accessible and affordable to as many aspiring sailors as possible.

The cornerstone of the Sailing Immersion Program...

The cornerstone of the program is the 1-week, liveaboard, Cruise and Learn Sailing course. 

We analyzed what it costs for a typical 1-week learn to sail program both in the U.S. and abroad and set our subscription-based sailing immersion program within that range.

Except, you get a ton more value with the online courses, day sailing and racing opportunities, virtual reality sailing, networking, an open line to Capt. John and Amber, etc.

Plus, the 1-week, small group, Cruise and Learn Sailing trip to The Sea of Cortez, Mexico, The San Juan Islands, Washington or The Gulf Islands, BC, Canada, is included in your subscription and is all-inclusive of:

  • A modern sailing mono-hull or catamaran as your sail training vessel
  • Moorage, Fuel, Water, Linens, park passes, etc.
  • Professional Instruction of American National Standards sailing curriculum
  • NauticEd Bareboat Charter Master and Catamaran Confidence online courses and Assessments
  • Automated Electronic Logbook and Electronic sailing resume to document your experience.
  • All Provisions (Sailor-speak for groceries) except alcohol.
  • Starlink Satellite Internet


*Travel costs to and from sailing destinations are not included in The Sailing Immersion Program subscription…

The journey of a thousand miles,
begins with a single tack...

Can you really learn to Sail in Virtual Reality? Absolutely!

Come Sail With Us! Come Sail With Us!